The most powerful spiritual herbalist in nigeria +815 785 5288


+2348157855288 Not get rich in life was a great DISEASE to HUMAN BEING, that is why CHIEF DAGUNRO IFAYEEYE help you out of POVERTY and solved all the PROBLEM that disturbing your life that make you stay in one place……

There are a lot of fake HERBALIST and NATIVE DOCTOR now a days in SOCIAL MEDIA, but my prayer for you today is that you will never fall into there TRAP in the POWERFUL GRACE OF GOD and THE ANCESTORS…….

CHIEF DAGUNRO IFAYEEYE also here to let you know the different between FAKE and ORIGINAL native doctor by his POWERFUL hand work…….

Never HESTITATE to call him on this and share all your feelings with him today@+2348157855288……

Notice:please do not call for BLOOD MONEY or what will involved HUMAN BEING PART,bcos it will surely BOUNCE BACK on you in future……..

You can also come to check about your life status or what is delaying in one place since you were born for the amount of (#5000)……..

CHIEF  DAGUNRO IFAYEEYE shrine was located at IJEBU OGUN STATE NIGERIA and it was easy to located from any where you are coming from…..+234 8157855288

There Are a lot of ways to help in SPIRITUAL GROWTH,but coming and see you PHYSICAL is compulsory……

Your HEALTH,WEALTH and LONGLIFE is CHIEF DAGUNRO IFAYEEYE concerns, bcos BLOOD MONEY is not good at all……+234 8157855288

God create LEAFS and ROOTS to help each other for goods,but its not create to do BAD or harm our selves….My BROTHERS, SISTER’S, MOTHER’S and FATHERS,I just want to notify you that if HERBALIST or NATIVE DOCTOR told you that you will eat HUMAN BEING to become RICHES in life,please and please RUN AWAY for the person,bcos what goes around will surely comes around……

You can call me IFATUNJI the son of CHIEF DAGUNRO IFAYEEYE for more details if you are INTERESTED @+234 8157855288 ……..

What paining you will never kill you in the POWERFUL GRACE of God and the ANCESTORS+234 8157855288 …………..



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